Land your Dream Job Application Letter

Are you working at your dream job? Maybe you’ve spotted it and really want to get it. The application letter you email rarely seals the deal. But it can be a deal breaker or open doors for you. Here’s a way of doing this I found makes a lot of sense.

Application Letter

My friend, George, was applying for a job and asked me for ideas on this.

The application letters I learnt to write in high school aren’t as effective today for me. Are they for you? Many ‘best’ email templates online aren’t as effective either.

“So what have you found works best, Evans?” I hear you ask. Good question!

Ever met a good business or sales person that seemed to get you so well? Guess what, you are your sales person.

The person you’re applying to is your customer. You want to sell your skills to them. What matters to them should be your business if you want their business.

I once listened to a talk by Edward Druce where he shared a really elegant 3 step formula for this. Yes, a template. But a different kind that gets you really thinking.

An Email That Can Change Lives

Here’s an overview:

  • Dear [Recipient Name] (people love being called by name)
  • Your dream is to … (people love to talk about their dreams)
  • The problem or challenge with that is … (it’s good to know you know their pain points)
  • I am part of your solution (who doesn’t love to hear that?)
  • Here’s why I think so (as short and sweet as possible)
  • I’d love the opportunity to help (you reach your dreams)
  • I look forward to (chatting with you more on this)
  • Best regards
  • [Your Name]

Dream, Problem, Solution

Are your dreams important to you? Your recipient’s dreams are as important to them as yours are to you. You need to understand what those are and communicate that you do.

Look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. - Philippians 2:4

Would the company need your help if they had everything figured out already? I don’t think so too.

Problems are opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of.

Knowing the kind of problems that keep the company apart from its dreams puts you in a better position. Understand this too. Go You!

When you know the dream and the problems (trust me, there’s many) you can look within to see what solution you have to offer to help the company get to its dreams.

You’re on your way in if your management or technical skills, leadership, connections, ideas or other assets are valuable to the company. Win – Win.

Parting Shot

To really become the most valuable person you were designed to be and that the world really needs, you’ll need to learn to communicate that value to those in the world who really need it.

Think about dream jobs, dream gigs, and other opportunities through the eyes of the other person (their dreams, problems and how you can help) and communicate that. That makes you more valuable.

What are the most valuable tips you’ve learnt from your experience applying for your dream gigs or jobs? Tweet me. I’d love to hear from you – and I think others will too.

– Evans “Think About Your Audience” Musomi

P.S: Check out the playlists on my YouTube channel for more useful videos like the one by Edward linked above.



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