The $400 Don't Be Late Lesson.

Can people count on you to be on time? And more importantly, can you count on yourself to be on time? ⏱

Being on time is something most people desire. Despite good intentions, sometimes we’re inevitably late. Even the best of us.

Being late can cost you time, money, friends, jobs, reputation, …

In this post, I share some inspiration and reflections to help you be on time more. And the time being 5 minutes late cost me $400 and more. 😅 💸

Here are my top reflections. Have you considered them? 🤔

  1. Be on time to enhance your brand. Also, your self-respect.
  2. Evaluate the cost of being late. Missed flight, strained relationship, lost opportunity?
  3. Identify, clarify and manage risky assumptions. Or prepare to pay the price.
  4. Intent to be on time doesn’t mean being on time. It’s only a start.

I can’t say enough on how important it is to clarify the cost of risky assumptions you make, that can make you late.

You may not miss a flight but there’s always a price to pay when you delay.

If you think you got away with it you might be learning to treat your time, and that of others, less seriously. Don’t be that person.

What next? 💪

  1. Do a 7-day trial of being ridiculously punctual to ALL your professional and social commitments and see what you’ve been missing.
  2. What’s your single biggest challenge or tip when it comes to being on time?

Until next time, I want to challenge you to #GrowTheGood in your life and the lives around you.

– Evans “Keep Time” Musomi

P.S: Learn more about the “5 minutes is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable” mantra and get a laugh from “20+ jokes about being late that drive punctual people nuts”. 😜



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