Open Office Hours

Help for your startup/product, career or learning. For Free. Online.

I’ve benefited a lot from others’ generosity and I’d love to pay it forward.

One way I’d like to do this is by hosting free open office hours. ⏱

Evans Musomi avatar We can talk about whatever you like - business, career advice, product development, learning, money, life…

I specialize in Software Development, Learning Facilitation, and Personal Development. Learn more about my current interests here for more ideas. 😜

Pro Tips

Manage time effectively: I can’t commit to any follow up or other work for you after the meeting due to other engagements.

💬 Meeting online: We’ll use a private meeting room. You’ll be able to join at the booked time by following the link you receive after confirming your booking.

📅 Save the date on your calendar: Take advantage of reminders to ensure you make it to the meeting on time to make the most of it.

If you can’t make it: Let me know in advance. Think of the people that you’d steal time from if you don’t. Don’t be that person.

💻 Mind the tech: Use a browser on your computer or phone to join. Ensure you have a good internet connection, a working microphone and camera (for video). I recommend using Google Chrome on a computer.

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