So nice to meet You!

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Are you committed to creating an extraordinary life? So am I.
Do you want to develop yourself, communicate your worth and create more value? So do I. I’m so glad you’re here!

We’re on a journey together. I really believe we were designed with a special kind of greatness that the world really needs.
It’s so deep — we need help living it out fully.

I created this site to share the best of what I’m learning, on my journey to becoming the best me, with people like you.

Below’s a quick intro so we can start something good together.

Cheers to your success in the good things you do!
-Evans “Rooting for you” Musomi.

1. Want to know me better?

I’m a multi-passionate Web Consultant, Artist and Entrepreneur committed to helping you become a better you.

I spend a big chunk of my time in Nairobi, Kenya, making web and mobile software. And learning a lot about building great businesses, making great products, and becoming the best I can be.

Many people get surprised to learn that I dance and teach Salsa and Bachata. (Yes, I know. Told you I was multi-passionate ).

If you want to learn more about my background and how I got into this, get the full story on my About Page.

2. I

Christ, Growth, Business, Technology, Education, Elegance and Music.

About Evans Musomi
#Christ – Bible (Light of life). #Growth – Tape Measure (Always be measuring). #Business – Wallet, Key (Solutions). #Technology – Computer, Mobile (Tools). #Education – Glasses, Pen (Gotta study). #Elegance – Boutonnière, Blazer (Style + Art). #Music – MP3 Player (Love to dance).

3. About You.

Can you become the person you dream of without a dream? Can you become the person you were designed to be without knowing the designer, studying your design, working it and learning?

God designed everything with potential. We’re all sent to the world with limitless credit, but few draw to their full extent.
— Myles Munroe

Have you drawn to your full extent?

When you become the person you were designed to be, you become more valuable and you show your worth.

4. How can I help you?

If you can relate to items in the list below, this site will be most relevant to you. You want:

  • To get doses of motivation.
  • To grow mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • To build a healthy relationship.
  • To build a good personal brand.
  • To grow financially fit.
  • To improve your productivity.
  • To learn to leverage the web for good.

The first two help you develop yourself. The next two build on that and help communicate your worth. The last three help you create more value.

5. I Promise.

I’d like to challenge, inspire and help you to become the person you were designed to be by sharing the best tools, insights and stories (from “aha” to “oh snap”) on my journey to becoming the best me.

  • I promise to be completely open, honest and transparent along the way.
  • I promise to share from my own experiences and applied lessons.
  • I promise to focus on data-backed, actionable insights and tools.

If you die this very moment, what will die with you? What dreams, ideas, talents, greatness, leadership potential will die with you?
— Les Brown

Don’t die before living these things. The world needs them.

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To help you develop yourself, communicate your worth and create more value.
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