Helping You #GrowTheGood in Your Life

Hey! I’m Evans Musomi

A multi-passionate Web Consultant, Artist and Entrepreneur,
committed to helping you become a better you,
and becoming the best me.

I spend a big chunk of time in Nairobi, Kenya, making web and mobile software.

And learning about building great businesses, making great products, web software, internet marketing, and becoming the best me.

Many people get surprised to learn that I danced, taught and DJd Salsa and Bachata, professionally. (Yes, I know. Told you I was multi-passionate ).


BOOM!!! It’s 2015. A remarkable year filled with great and tough times. Despite the challenges, in the first half of the year you’re able to:

  1. Learn how to swim for the first time in your life (in 5 lessons).
  2. Swim in the Adriatic sea.
  3. Loose 6% body fat.
  4. Take some Karate classes.
  5. Complete Centonomy 101 (10 week personal finance course).
  6. Complete Mizizi (10 week course on God, Purpose and Community).
  7. Start Ndoa (10 week relationship enrichment course).
  8. Complete your pending Master’s degree thesis (and graduate).
  9. Produce an instructional Bachata Dance DVD and sell copies.
  10. Fly to Croatia for 2 weeks of non-stop Sea, Sun, Salsa + more dance festivities.
  11. Visit Venice (Italy) and partner dance in the airport.
  12. Go to church every week you’re in your home town.
  13. Make multiple web and mobile apps.
  14. Work your day job.

Do you wonder if all that’s possible in 6 months? It is! I know because it’s the story of my life. That was my January to June in 2015.

I felt like I’d lived a whole year by the time it was July. It felt like “productivity on steroids”. I was amazed at how much was possible with “plenty-little” time and “plenty-little” money. Which brings me to…

Turning Point

Ever thought deeply about your life? About the path you’re on and where you’re going?

The courses I took, experiences I had and people I met got me thinking deeply about purpose, potential, relationships, wealth, business and productivity.

Then I stumbled upon some inspiring work by Myles Munroe and Les Brown, among others, and my desire to maximise my contribution in life was redefined. I wanted to “live full, die empty” as Myles would say.

The master said, “No one lights a lamp and puts it in a clay jar or under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand so that those who come in can see the light.”

I’m so grateful for the people who’ve touched my life by letting the light in them shine; their work, experiences and insights.

There’s something special inside of you that could change someone’s life. I challenge you to let that light in you shine so that those who need it can see it. And I’d like to do the same for you.

This Little Light of Mine

(I’m gonna let it shine Remember that song?)

Apart from the content on this site, here are 9 things I can help you with that might be valuable to you:

  • Building websites, web apps and mobile apps that sell and don’t suck.
  • Measuring how well your website or web app is working for you.
  • Improving your website’s or web app’s profitability.
  • Internet marketing consulting (Content strategy, Mobile Optimisation, SEO, CRO).
  • Business model, business development and product development advice.
  • Understanding how the internet or web software works.
  • Personal productivity advice.
  • Personal branding advice.
  • Personal finance advice.

You’re welcome to engage me in any of the areas above, pick my brain on topics related to the content on this site, or send me burning questions you think I might be able to help you with.

The Future


Are you committed to creating an extraordinary life? Do you want to develop yourself, communicate your worth and create more value?

That’s me in the picture with things that tell more about my story. I’m committed to growing the good in lives and businesses through entrepreneurship, consulting and coaching. To becoming the best me, having fun and pushing the envelope for my friends, clients and myself.

I want to challenge, inspire and help you become the person you were designed to be and that the world really needs. I’ll be sharing the very best tools, stories and insights from my life to help you with that.

Thank you so much for reading all the way. Cheers to your success in the good things you do!

— Evans “Rooting for you” Musomi

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